Landspersky Christian, Landspersky René

what remains gallery – Edition 2 – Limits of Control – Two Underdogs in Disguise

44 Seiten, 27,3×21,5 cm, Softcover, Drahtheftung, Auflage 75. Texte Englisch, Deutsch. München 2021.
A perfomative art-piece to raise questions about the very concepts of preservation, ‘heritage’, immateriality and meaning.
Symbolic values build the conceptual frame for the research on the relationship between words and images in the digitized world, transhistorical authorship, coded connectivness, digital diversification and the residues of the significant other. What remains gallery will focus the limits of perception through the digitized perspective of non-linear history.

Dear Viewer, dear Reader,
the following issue of what remains gallery magazine focuses the artist´s role and his work through the lense of a public imagery and the needs of a visual culture. The series wants to sharpen the focus on different aspects of an exposure to art and its objects. The changing scenes and actions are taking place impromptu and exemplify the limits of control from an artists perspective, when a piece of art gets abandoned and the idea of originality gets fostered. The perspectives on the scenarios are fully invented and have nothing to do with any form of reality. 

Der Inhalt bezieht sich auf diverse Kunstwerke aus den Jahren 2004 bis 2015 von folgenden Künstlern
Bill Drummond, Christian Philipp Müller, David Chipperfield, Duncan Campbell, Laure Prouvost, Lawrence Weiner, Liam Gillick, Tobias Rehberger
Adam Langer (Koordination), Anna Rai (Kostüm), Jens Weber (Fotografie), Max Ott (Licht), Michael Mönnich (Fotografie), Sam Williamson (Design), Susanne Krauss (Fotografie), Wolfgang R. Singer (Support)


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