Buhrs Michael, Marr Anne

Lee Mingwei – Li, Gifts and Rituals

Fabric of Memory – The Living Room

120 p., 24×15,7 cm, edition: 150, English edition. Book block with open spine, transparent paper dust jacket, digital print.
Supplementary catalogue to the exhibition Li, Geschenke & Rituale, 13.05.-12.09.2021 at the Villa Stuck in Munich.
Barbara Donaubauer (photography), Hubert Kretschmer (design), Isabel Mühlhaus (photography), Lisa Fuhr (editing), Luisa Hörr (collaboration)
Sponsors böhmler Poliform / Ministry of Culture Taiwan
LEE MINGWEI: 禮 Li, Gifts and Rituals celebrates the giving and receiving of time and devotion. One of the most important influences for Lee Mingwei is the Confucian principle Li (禮). This concept encompasses thoughts on rites, rituals, gifts and decorum. Building on this, the exhibition examines gestures of hospitality and rituals of giving and receiving. …
For three projects, Villa Stuck launched calls for participation to interested parties in advance. For Fabric of Memory, Lee was looking for textile mementos, and for The Mending Project for people who would mend clothes on site and hold conversations with the visitors. The Living Room invites Munich residents to show their personal collections as part of the exhibition.
Text from the website
Documentation of the 19 textile objects from Fabric of Memory presented in wooden boxes.
Documentation of the 15 private collections that were exhibited in the Living Room for one week each. Ardhi Engl, Self-made musical instruments – Stefanie Parchmann, Spray-decorated ceramics from the 1930s – Birgitt Ballhausen, Bears with memories – Katharina Schweissguth, Treasures from the poetry box – Anna Meier-Ehlers, Stylus art collection – 30 years: an autobiographical mirror – Birgit Brugger, Chocolate paper – Veronica Kirchner, My Home – My Gallery – Heike Gabriel, Erasers – Susanne Kathi Trapp, Ahnungengalerie – textile objects with family photos – Franziska Le Meur, Schneekugeln – Matthias Weigold, MitnahmeDinge – Christine Moarefi, Präparate – Hubert Kretschmer, AAP Archive Artist Publications, Munich Independent Magazines – Nina Orda, Die Schätze meiner Schwiegereltern – Jürgen Heldwein und Martin Levec, Sammlung Orange.
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