Perin Romaine

Stains Vorzugsausgabe

München 1980. Vorzugsausgabe mit Originalflecken, Broschur, Leinenstreifen, 11 Seiten, 15 x 13,4 cm
Die amerikanische Künstlerin Romaine Perin analysiert in diesem kleinen Buch „Flecken“ verschiedenster Art: Ungeziefer, Röntgen-Bilder, Computerausdrucke, Erdbeben, Ess-Flecken und mehr.
Dieses Buch ist die erste Künstlerbuch-Publikation des Verlages Hubert Kretschmer.
ISBN 978-3-923205-31-8

The wine spilled out of the bottle and stained the tablecloth.
Stains are the effects of a cause, the proof of circumstance, the evidence of events. Stains are made by daylight, weather and natural disasters, on surfaces that reflect, and in the danger zone.
Daylight At sunrise the stain of dayliht soaked the brick wall of my house and dripped onto the sidewalk. I stood outside and turned my face to the sun. My shadow trickled into the dusty gutters and stained the street behind me.
Weather During the night the rain struck the roof. The pellets of water pockmarked the muddy ground and the swollen river entered the ocean and was stained with salt.
Natural Disasters The stains of earthquakes in the broken stones.
Reflections Reflections of the gloomy tundra stain the mirror through the dusk.
Stains of War in the Danger Zone In a corner of the continent, on a treeless snow covered plain, armies laid down their guns. The whistling of the cold wind abruptly ceased. A white flag drooped in the still air and the silence was stained with the loud breathing of soldiers.


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